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By creating simple daily habits, and a little time for our mental health, we can all achieve supreme balance, a sense of calm and a work environment that will be a place of positivity, energy and well-being for all. But it is not easy. It takes effort, commitment and a desire to improve. However, once simple new habits are formed, and focus for our mental well being is taken on, amazing life affirming changes happen. With in-practice and online group coaching, DPC will teach you and your entire team how.

We have a full range of services and coaching options on the following:

correct POSTURE,

standing and sitting,

functional movement - hands, fingers, wrists, arms...

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how to control stress & anxiety, and

overcoming everyday challenges

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wellness coaching for  improved health and awareness, productivity and performance

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 functional breathing:

the beginning and the end of life long health

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We work on creating the best version of you and your team through wellness plans along with proven and powerful habitual changes. This will give everyone the energy, confidence and knowledge required to simply live better, work better, and to find their own personal life affirming utopia. 

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