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My Inaugural YouTube Channel upload...

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

When you mouth breathe, you lose 42% more water than nose breathing. I jog for sometimes an hour or more and NEVER get thirsty, even in warm weather. I never need to carry a bottle with me.

There I was, racking my brain for some inspiration for my very first video, edit and YouTube upload. I decided to go for a jog to clear the head and see what came.

I know I thought, a video of me jogging. Wow! How did I come up with that..!?

In all seriousness though, when we mouth breathe we, or specifically, our precious lungs get none of the benefits of nose breathing. They are:

  1. Warmed air: prevents airways drying out, greatly reducing infection risk, dry cough and long term damage and scarring.

  2. Filtered air: many pollutants are removed by tiny nose hairs and nasal mucosa

  3. Sterilization: Nitric Oxide is produced in large quantities in our nasal sinuses. This has antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. Mouth breathing by comparison has VERY little.

  4. Nitric Oxide (NO): In addition to #3 above, NO is a natural vasodilator relaxing the muscle tissue around airways and it helps distribute the blood through the lungs helping the O2/CO2 transference take place.

  5. 50% more resistance: Nose breathing increases air intake resistance by 50% compared to mouth. This is essential for helping to optimize the O2/CO2 balance. Mouth breathing has no resistance allowing too greater CO2 to be expelled, lowering CO2 increasing the impulse to breathe more, shallow, fast and gasp like breaths (hyperventilation)

  6. Oral Health: Saliva continually washes away bacteria from our teeth and protective membranes. A closed mouth helps this to continue unabated. Mouth breathing increases dryness encouraging bacteria growth. Do you wake up with a dry mouth, funky bad taste and smell? This means mouth breathing through the night.

  7. Improved physical and cognitive performance: Constant, calm Nose breathing dramatically improves blood circulation. This helps lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, improves exercise performance and energy, increases brain function, fights erectile dysfunction and many other 'blood flow' related health issues. No wonder NITRIC OXIDE is getting known as the Magic Molecule.

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