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DPC are passionate about the health and mental welfare of everyone working in the dental and medical professions.

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...we meet many amazing doctors, therapists, nurses and staff across all the dental and medical specialties, however, sadly too many are succumbing to creeping, insidious health issues; musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s), reduced energy, motivation, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, and the big one; increased stress and anxiety. These issues are not new, and worryingly, they are on the rise, even more so in our current Covid world. 




Because they are simply missing the signs, ignoring those early whispers the body gives them, or they dismiss them thinking they will go away. Maybe, some people are in a kind of denial, “I’ll be OK, I’m young, nothing to worry about”, or in their mind, they are simply too busy to deal with it right now, and that is a very risky path.

Our mantra is – Work Healthy to Live Wealthy. Don’t wait for the discomfort whispers your body gives you...      

                               to become screams !


To thrive at work, we must all master the perennial challenge of balancing our individual responsibilities, productivity, time, interactions with colleagues, motivation and our well-being. 

Working in the medical profession is incredibly rewarding on many different levels across all disciplines. However, in today's very often manic, fast paced world, the one thing that is too often overlooked is the physical and mental health of everyone working in GP surgeries, hospitals, private clinics and dental practices. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, posture issues, MSD's are more prevalent today than ever before. Left unchecked, all of this will lead initially to increased sick days, or worst case, chronic illness and auto immune diseases.

By creating simple 'everyday' changes and introducing (PHB's) Power HaBits, plus a little time for the mental health of the entire team, everyone can achieve supreme balance, a sense of calm and a work environment that will be a place of positivity, energy and well-being for all. But it is not easy. It takes effort, commitment and a desire to improve. However, once new habits are formed, and restored focus and simplicity for our mental well being is taken on, amazing work and life affirming changes happen. DPC will teach you how.

We offer Lunch & Learn workshops, half and full day coaching and bespoke 6 and 12 month packages.

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