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“He noticed that patients in the worst health all seemed to breathe far too much.

The more they breathed, the worse off they were.”

Professor Konstantin Buteyko, moscow, 1952

respiratory health

& breath coaching

The way you breathe, the quantity, the rhythm – has the potential to utterly, transform everything you thought you knew about your body, and is without doubt – the BIGGEST KEY in helping all of us to live lives healthier, physically stronger, happier, with more focus, less stressed, more relaxed, in less pain and with a higher likelihood of

not succumbing to long term chronic illness.


advanced certified instructor

Understand how oxygen is delivered throughout the body and learn to harness that power to...

... live healthier, live stronger, live better, live longer

Learn how to measure your respiratory health, endurance and upper tolerance of your breathlessness

Breathe more efficiently during physical exercise with much less breathlessness

Learn how to simulate high altitude training


Breath and respiratory coaching is for anyone, any age and nearly all levels of health, whether that is professional of hobby athlete, or someone suffering long term illness or dysfunction.


It is for those that want to improve their general health, energy level, well-being and comfort.

Transform your life... learn to breathe...

the RIGHT way.

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