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Welcome to DPC. I am John and all my life I have been a perpetual optimist, a 'glass always half full’ kinda guy. Maybe that was down to my parents, siblings, friends or my career path. Most likely a blend of them all. Hard to pin down directly, however, what is definitely true is that optimism has been well and truly tested since hitting middle age - mortgage, family & teenage children, dog and the never ending corporate hamster wheel. After 15 years working in the  fantastic dental/medical profession, I now want to give something back.


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Time marches on, as does my age, but I do not worry about this. I do not fear getting older, my mind wandering, my skin wrinkling, my knees or back letting me down. And the reason I can say this with confidence... because I have spent the last 7 years learning about the body and how simple changes can have enormous, life-changing impact on health and well being. This is SO easliy transferred to the work place when given the right guidance and tools. That is where DPC excel.

I am motivated and passionate in helping everyone, from private individuals through to dental and medical professionals, the reception and ancillary staff, to balance professional success with their personal health and happiness.

It starts with embracing everyone's uniqueness, understanding and respecting their possibilities, limitations and creating a sense of balance so everyone can thrive and be present in the workplace in a new, positive and life-affirming way.

I can help everyone enjoy the success they strive so hard to achieve without having to sacrifice their life and soul to find it.

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